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Business planning

It’s not easy – juggling the day to day demands on your time with the need to step back and assess where you are and what you need to do to develop your business. If that’s not hard enough, few of us has any real experience of developing effective business plans. We tend to think of them as a spreadsheet of numbers the bank has asked for. That is SO not a business plan!

This is where we come in, helping you to:

  • make a realistic assessment of today’s situation
  • set value creating goals
  • find intelligent ways to achieve them

We won’t tell you what to think or do but we will help you and your team to focus on the right things to think about and the best way to think about them.

Our work doesn’t stop when the plans are drawn up. It’s here that our experience in converting intentions into practical implementation comes into play. And we are always delighted to remain by your side – helping you to get to where you want to be that bit faster and with that bit more certainty.

It’s what we do.

Leadership & management development

Many businesses start as a good idea driven along by the energy and ability of a Founder. Growth brings a lot of challenges – not least the need to establish effective leadership of a team and to install the right form of management discipline for the age and size of the company. Too little direction and control risks wasting energy, too much too soon risks stifling the talent in your team. But how to get the balance right?  

Our approach to supporting you in developing leadership and management skills was honed at Cranfield, one of Europe’s finest Business Schools.  We have adapted classic and innovative approaches and fine tuned them to work in businesses like yours.

We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach – we put packages together to match the needs of each business.  And we absolutely love to teach and to pass on smart new ways of working that help you get the most from yourself and your people.

Putting time and money into training and developing your top people can often be the single best investment available to a business.

Sales and marketing

Often seen as a bit of a ’dark art’ – we take a different view. An effective sales and marketing function is, at its heart, built around a set of well thought out systems and processes. Yes, it benefits from talented people and yes, they are hard to find - but just throwing people at your sales and marketing challenges doesn’t seem to work and can cost a fortune.

The more you can make things systematic the easier it is to staff and the better the results good people will achieve.

We know what good looks like here and we don’t do ‘fluffy’. We leave that to others. What we do help with are areas like:

  • defining your market
  • defining your value proposition
  • improving your storytelling
  • building effective sales pipelines
  • developing the ability to manage existing customer relationships for life-time value
  • developing the ability to find and attract ‘beautiful strangers’.

We have sales and marketing experience deep in our veins. And we get great results so why not ask us to tell you one or two of our secrets?

Process and controls

It’s hard to scale up a business without tackling this area – even if it’s not the most exciting topic on your mind!

We will first want to understand how you do and how you could use ’process’ in competing and in making financial returns. There’s no universal solutions – at least none we know of. Situations range from highly ‘Adaptive’ to highly ‘Compliant’ and creating the right type and level of order through process and controls is often a fine judgement.

Our experience in helping business owners to ‘go up through the gears’ will help you find the right balance between internal efficiency and a great customer experience.

This could be just what you’re looking for.

Management information

In the beginning you know what’s going on because you probably make it go on. But now you have a workforce and maybe you can no longer put your arms (literally and metaphorically) around your business.

So what information do you need to direct and control the collective effort and how do you know what it is achieving?

Our experience tells us that almost all growing businesses have a lag between what they need in management information and what they are working with today.

We spend a lot of our time helping with the development of the right blend of financial, operational and market based information to support profitable growth.

Try us out.

To find out how we can help you and your business, get in touch today.



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