We focus on helping business owners unlock potential, increase value and realise their destination with speed and certainty.

Our way of working

We aim to work quickly to get to the heart of both your business and the people involved in running it. In order to generate real ownership of the outcome of our work together, we do not see our role as telling you what to think but rather helping you to work out how to think and what to think about. Having said that, there are moments when clear advice is appropriate and we will not shy away!

Whilst working with us should always be a very human experience, our approach is forensic in that we will be seeking evidence to support even the most genuinely held viewpoints. You should be prepared to be challenged.

Project based disciplines are embedded in the way we work. With clear processes and a wide range of proven tools and techniques to call upon, we will encourage you to trust the process and not run ahead – business planning and development require a step by step approach.

Our language will always be clear, precise and distinctive. We aim to avoid the jargon of business but have a proprietary vocabulary of terms, each with specific meaning, that we find is readily adopted by client’s management teams. This helps to generate a sense of common purpose and extend the impact of the work we do together.

Part of our mission is about teaching and coaching. We have a long history of developing confidence and competence within a client’s team and we are very proud of this fact.


Our family

We are part of the Haines Watts Group, a Top 15 firm of chartered accountants who deliver accounting, tax and related services to over 35,000 business owners throughout the UK. By combining the financial and accounting expertise within Haines Watts with our management and advisory expertise, HW Advisory Services is able to offer a truly relevant and commercial set of services to help owners drive strategy and improve business performance.


Our top team

David Welling

HW Advisory Services is led by David Welling who for the past 13 years has been honing his skills as an advisor to owner managers in the SME sector. David has focused on developing an approach that works to genuinely support owners and to this end has created and tested specific tools that  assist owners in building real enterprise value.

David draws on his substantial experience gained over many years across sales, marketing, operations and finance while serving as a Managing Director.

This is enhanced by the work David does in his role as coach and mentor for Cranfield Business School’s Business Growth and Development Programme (BGP). David is passionate about supporting owners in the SME sector. This is no more evident that in his participation in the Cranfield Business Growth and Development Programme, where since 2008 he has worked as a coach and mentor providing support to owners undertaking the 15 week programme.

His contribution has been acknowledged by both participants and the University where David is now a Visiting Fellow.

Paul Addison

During his career, Paul has used his experience obtained within the restructuring and turnaround market to interpret, develop and act upon the financial aspects of building business value.

Over the past 22 years, he has supported numerous owner managers across many industries in getting to grips with complex financial issues and crafting realistic and sustainable plans to help them return their businesses to a more stable footing in order for them to grow.

He has also helped to run businesses in financial distress; ensuring the best commercially acceptable solution is worked through and delivered upon.

Most of Paul’s experience has been as an advisor in accountancy firms, including 20 years with a Big Five firm, although he has had stints in industry and has also worked for a bank, where he gained invaluable knowledge of the banks’ processes, products and credit sanctioning.

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